November 16, 2018

Why You Need A Lock Box For Your Online Holiday Purchases

The number of people who have expensive online purchases stolen from their yard or front porch is increasing every year. Holiday season theft is getting worse as more and more people shop online and have expensive electronics and other items delivered to their homes, often during the day when they are at work and can’t keep an eye on their deliveries. Security cameras do help but they don’t stop theft. There have been many viral videos that show thieves stealing computers, Instapots, and other expensive gifts right off of someone’s porch or front patio and the person can see the theft happening but can’t do anything to stop it. That’s why you need a locker, a locked box, or a locked storage container to store your delivered packages until you can get home to get them.


Packages Perfectly Safe

Many different types of locked boxes on the market that come in a huge range of sizes and finishes. If you often get large packages you can get a locker that has a large reservoir area where large packages. The boxes can be disguised to look like pillars or architectural features and they can also do double duty as mailboxes for standard letters and small packages. They can even be purchased with siding and trim that will match your house to make them as inconspicuous as possible. But they will keep your packages perfectly safe.

No matter what style of locker you choose you can bolt that locker into the ground or into your patio or porch so that no one can take it and run off with it. Some locker boxes have a smart lock that can only be opened with a code. If you choose a lock box with a smart lock you will get an alert when something is placed inside and you can lock the box from an app on your phone using your code. That way even your delivery people won’t know what the code is and your items will be secure.

Lock the Box

But most of the time lockboxes come with two sets of keys. If you are expecting a delivery of packages you can leave one key in the lock. The delivery person will put unlock the box with the key, put the package inside, lock the box. Put the key inside before closing the door. You can open the box when you get home with the other set of keys.

If you often get more than one delivery during the day from several different delivery services. A locker with a smart lock is the smartest choice. Each delivery person can leave their package in the locker. All you have to do is unlock the locker when the delivery person requests. Lock the box again after the delivery person has dropped off the package. Storage lockers and securely locked containers. Parcels are an absolute must-have item for homeowners that do most of their holiday shopping online.

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