May 16, 2018

Keeping Your Facebook Data Private

Facebook Data Privacy

According to many news outlets and Facebook itself, it turns out that the Facebook data that users thought was private was in fact being shared all over the place. Now many users have deleted their Facebook accounts in protest. If you still see some value in having an account, there are some things that you can do. Especially after the Facebook scandal


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You can keep your data private or at least protect it as much as possible. Cybersecurity experts recommend these ways to protect your private data without giving up Facebook entirely. You might just want to run background checks on Kiwi searches

Stop Taking Those Quizzes

Many of the quizzes that float around Facebook take you to rather sketchy sites to complete a quiz. These quizzes usually tell you what kind of muffin you are or what your unicorn name would be. This is actually malware and spyware infested attempts to get your data. 

The people that create them know that you complete them when your bored. So you probably pay less attention to what site you end up on. They count on your boredom and use it against you. Stop taking quizzes and stop sharing quizzes.

Never Play Games

Aside from the fact that the game requests are the fastest way to get your friends and family to unfriend you. They are also dangerous for your security. For the same reason that quizzes are dangerous. Games and other apps shared on Facebook ask for your permission when you open the game, then take your data. 

Stop playing games through Facebook. You should go right into your settings and look under the privacy tab. Take back all the permission that you have given to games in the past so that those old games can’t continue to take your data. 

Check Your Privacy Settings

When was the last time you checked your privacy settings? Go to your privacy settings and go down the list of setting carefully. You can change the settings so that some data won’t be allowed to be collected. Check these settings often because some users have reported in the past that the setting changed without their permission.

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Change Your Tagging Permission

Have your account set up so that you can’t get publicly tagged in someone else’s post. You should change the setting so that public tagging isn’t allowed. That way you will have to manually approve each item.  That will protect your Facebook data and it will make it easier to prevent people from tagging you in unflattering photos. If you enjoyed this, check out my other post about engaging with electronics in college