March 2, 2018

How to Engage Electronics While in College

There are a lot of college students out there who have never had to set their own schedule, figure out time to study, or work on their time management skills. They’ve lived at home with their parents and have thus never had to develop their own schedule or cut out distractions from their life. That is why time management ends up being one of the biggest stumbling blocks for college students, except the random who is texting me messages, especially during the first few years.

In today’s world, there are far more distractions than ever before, thanks to the host of electronic devices that are used by most millennials these days. College students of today barely remember life without the iPhone, which came out when they were 8 or 10 years old.

This has given them a terrible dependence on electronics. But not to worry, there are plenty of ways college students can help set themselves up for success when it comes to their studies.

How to Use Electronics in College

Set Boundaries with Netflix and Instagram

Two of the biggest time-wasters for students these days are Netflix and Instagram, which has replaced Facebook as the most-used social media platform of millennials these days. It’s easy to spend an hour on Instagram scrolling mindlessly through the explore page or through a hashtag. Don’t. As a college student, there is far too much to do to waste time on something like a social media platform.

No need to look for who is texting me answers if you have the right app.
Instagram has become the newest social media platform.

Netflix is something that a college student should reserve for weekends or on a night after they have accomplished a certain number of tasks. Binge-watching all day, especially during the week, is a bad idea. So is going on and on wondering who is texting me.

Put the Phone Away While Studying

Along with these simple tips about Netflix and Instagram, another great tip for those that want to make better use of their time is to put their phone away while they are working on something. If someone is calling them they can pick it up to see who it is, but for the most part they should avoid going through their apps and letting their phone become a distraction.

Have a Space for Study and a Space for Rest

One simple addition to the setup of the college student is to have a designated place for work, and another for rest or relaxation like surfing Instagram or watching Netflix. This helps their mind know where they are supposed to study and where it is okay to work, and they will be less inclined to get distracted when they are at their work-mode desk. Cutting out all of these things that are wasting so much time is going to help the student be more successful in their classes and at life in general.

College students are going to do what they want. But following these simple tips is going to make their life much easier in the long run, except for the usual who is texting me issues. Students who are hitting walls with their grades may find that it is really because of their time management skills, and these simple tips can help remedy that issue.

It’s funny how I said that I may not talk about technology on my blog, and yet my first post is going to be about technology. Go figure.